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August 4, 2006

Dear Sirs,

I wish to thank you for the prompt one day delivery of the above item. The printer was delivered early today when I was out of the office. Had I been in when it arrived, I would have given your delivery service the two empty toner cartridges and a cheque that had been set aside for pickup. Not to worry, the cartridges are here for next time and as you can see, I have mailed your cheque, Now let me take the opportunity that this letter affords me, to compliment your firm. I have been using your services and products for the last three years and I would really like to let you know haw satisfied I am. You usually have the lowest price but more importantly it is always a pleasure to deal with you. Any time that I have called for any reason, I am always greeted with a friendly voice that either assists me right away or directs my call to someone who can. On those rare occasions that you haven't had the lowest price you have cheerfully met your competitor's special. I shall unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone in need of the products that you carry. I have never had any reason to complain but I am sure if I did, you would handle that situation equally well! I wish you continued success.

Thomas Moore, Real Estate Broker

October 10 2006

Dear Howard,

Further to our conversation today, I want to let you know I am very impressed, and assured I am deaIing with the right company and right people at Laser Speed. What impressed me?
1 . The owner picked up the phone! NO voice mail, NO playing phone tag.
2. You stood behind your product! The problem has happened first time, once in six years. In the past I have given your company name (word of mouth) to get you more Business, I wiIl be doing it a LOT more now. This is not about a Toner, This is not about the money, this IS all about one word SERVICE and you know how to deliver it! Thank you.

Vice Presldent B. Sleuth a Statesman Inc.

Thursday, March 08,2007

I have been working with the fabulous team at Laser Speed Office Supplies for many years and I wouldn't have it any other way! All of my printing needs are met by a 'family' of knowledgeable, friendly and conscientious staff members and I intend on remaining a client of Laser Speed's for years to come. When I moved to my current position at Saeco Ontario in October of 2003, I was sad to see that the company was not using Laser Speed as their printing and office supplies contact. Since I had built a relationship with Laser Speed while working with Home and Rural Appliances for several years I decided that I would call Laser Speed to make the arrangements to re-ignite our relationship! I am glad that I did. The staff at Laser Speed is always a pleasure to do business with!

Jenea Dent-Ali
Saeco Ontario Ltd.